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I thought it might be helpful to post a few of the links I’ve found helpful. Let me know if you have any to contribute. I will try to add to this page as I go along.

Have a link to contribute?

Here’s what I’ve found helpful so far…

Quizlet is fantastic! I love being able to create and input databases (500 most common words, 100 most misspelled words, etc) that I can then use to test the children. We use it for math facts, spelling and vocabulary. Let me know if you’d like any of the databases I’ve created. I’d be happy to share. Now that Josiah has worked through the lists I’ve just mentioned, I’ve been referencing as I create additional lists.

The Teachers Corner is really helpful for generating crossword puzzles and other worksheets.

RhymeZone is a great site when the kids need to create a poem and sometimes for other creative writing tasks. Sometimes the kids just want to have fun with words and look up something random.

Worksheet Generator is a must-have link if you use Math-U-See curriculum as you can tailor the worksheet to specifically target the area where your child may need more practice. If not, there are better worksheet generators out there.

Math Trainer is also a helpful tool for evaluating how well your child knows their times tables. They also have subtraction and addition options but at the moment I’m most impressed by the expanded options available for multiplication.

Speed Grid Subtraction/Addition is a fun tool for the kids as it makes them build their own addition and subtraction facts.

Free Typing lessons and games is a very helpful resource and very straight-forward. My son rewards himself with a typing game after each completed typing lesson. He repeats a lesson several times (over the course of many days) incrementally increasing the speed required for lesson completion.

Dropbox is a great place for storing our school work and makes providing work samples particularly easy as the need arises. If you follow this link to create an account, we each get more free space. Accounts are free, though there are paid upgrade options available.

Britannica School is a great resource for independent research time, which is expected of my children on a daily basis. It’s been great to see what their interests are when they could choose from nearly anything.

This art website is a resource available to us through the distance education school we are enrolled in. I keep meaning to actually put this resource to use. Hopefully next year…. We’ve pursued art through other means up to this point and right now the kids are gearing up for a play.

Reading Eggs is a fun website for kids to either learn or practice their reading. I signed us up for a free trial and thought the kids might like to play for a couple minutes. Frankly, I was a little skeptical. An hour and a half later, they are still at it and #3 is learning a lot. I don’t normally allow so much screen time but it is good to see him identifying a couple words. Once the trial is over a subscription is $100 a year but apparently it drops down to $20 a year if you can register with a school. Our distance ed. school counts so if the trial continues to go well, we’ll be strongly considering it.

DragonBox is a really cool app (available for iOs and Android) that turns algebra into a game.  It is stupendous!  I never would have expected that my child would be begging to ‘play’ algebra but he does.

Teach Your Monster to Read was just recommended to me by a friend. I haven’t had a chance to check it out but am looking forward to giving it a go with #3.


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