CC Review Overview

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Password available on CC Connected under user “trupyles”. Don’t narrow your search.

I’ve had fun building these tools for reviewing Classical Conversations material and I hope you’ll take full advantage of them. Any donations towards my time would be appreciated. Furthermore, suggestions are also welcome.

Planning and Tracking:The form above allows students to select all the exercises they plan to complete in that session. Optionally, users can add an email address for reporting. (Email addresses are NOT saved or collected.) As students go along, they are provided links to the quizzes they have yet to complete. The key benefit to this, however, is that at the end all the results can be pulled up (and emailed) at once. For me, this means I don’t need to be sitting over my child’s shoulder to see the completion of each exercise. What’s more, they aren’t waiting on me so they can move on.

When using the latin declensions review on a Mac, just press down the applicable vowel key until the markings appear. You can select the correct marking and move on.

To avoid spelling errors, since this review is not intended to drill spelling, you can use voice recognition if your computer allows it. Be careful to check for errors before submitting your answers.

The reset option resets the quiz selection tracker. It does reset an individual review exercise. Just refresh the page if you need to reset the quiz.

You can always reset these choices.

God Bless!
Rose Pyles